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    Parker Cohn, 15. Newport

    Parker Cohn, 15. Newport

    Parker Cohn is 15 years old, and he has been surfing Newport ever since he started. He has a very mature style and approach for his age. Parker friken shreds. Be sure to watch out for him in the future. [Read More...]
    Matt Archcbold Wave Warriors III

    Matt Archcbold Wave Warriors III

    Fuck! This segment is so ispirring. Everything from Herbie Fletcher's edit of the movie and Archy's surfing from back in the 80s. Stay tuned for Archys part in Metal Neck 2, The Bangover. Matt still has it, and has been living up to his name lately. The guy hasnt skipped a beat since the 80s. This segment of him in Wave Warrios is timeless! [Read More...]
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    Magazine article from a trip we did to Portugal in October

    This is a story Stab Magazine did on our trip to Portugal last October. They tend to exaggerate some of the story, but all in all, its a decent sum up of our trip. [Read More...]