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    Metal Neck In Portugal

    Metal Neck In Portugal

    We went to portugal in mid October for about two weeks. Our crew consisted of Creed McTaggart, Wade Goodall, Droid and Tom Carey. We got some fun waves and heres the video. [Read More...]
    Droid Gusta El Pollo

    Droid Gusta El Pollo

    about to take off to portugal, literally right now, posting this as quick as possible. watch it. its andrew surfing. Droid like chicken. Mmmmmmmmmm. Andrew Doheny surfs some waves waaaaaaaaaaaaay down south from our little bubble of Newport Beach, CA. [Read More...]
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    Jack Coleman

    This is our friend Jack. He lives at our house, and he farts super loud, but he also makes sick surf movies on super 8 cameras. Jacks a weird fuckin dude, but this makes him look pretty normal. This is a production, we had nothing to do of it, but thought it was cool. [Read More...]